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醫療影像與機器視覺產學聯盟 2017年2月成立 (科技部計畫補助)

  • 致力於輔導產業技術升級
  • 進行高技術密集需求的產學合作和技術移轉
  • 開發高階電腦視覺、人工智慧或醫學影像技術、方法、系統
  • 輔導廠商進行醫療器材認證申請

A new international challenge chaired by Prof Wang will be held in IEEE ISBI 2017, Australia.



2D/3D人臉辨識與偵測, 姿勢辨識, 表情分析, 動作分析, 特徵點自動擷取, 影像註冊與變形, 人工智慧, 機器學習, 深度學習, 行為辨識, 肌膚檢測, 工業檢測, 即時android系統, 高速巨量資料處理與分析, 高速平行化運算(GPU programming, CUDA C, OpenCL).

We are specialized in developing automatic medical image analysis and computer vision systems and algorithms.

Research areas include
Automatic registration, detection, segmentation, recognition and reconstruction for multi-dimensional microscopic image, 3D/4D Cardiac MRI Image, Ultrasound Image, 3D confocal image, 3D CT scan, X ray image, live cell image, infrared image/video and gigapixel / terapixel ultra-high resolution medical image.


Contact: Prof. Ching-Wei Wang, Ph.D. (中文個人網頁)
Director主任, NTUST Center of Computer Vision and Medical Imaging. 電腦視覺與醫學影像校級研究中心
Professor教授, Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering 醫學工程研究所
Phone: 02-27303749 / Fax: 02-27303733
Address: Aeeon Building TR913, No. 43, Sec.4, Keelung Rd., Taipei, 106, Taiwan