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File Upload Steps

Step1 》Create Thesis/ Dissertation Profile.

Please use our computer center-issued account and password to login to the ETD system. (Upload Thesis)

Input Thesis/Dissertation Information:

Field Description
Student Information Author Name, E-mail address, Student ID, College, Department, Academic year, Semester, Degree.
Thesis Information Title of Thesis, Language ,Date of defense approval, Pages, Keywords, Abstract ,Table of contents, Reference.
Advisor & Defense committee Thesis Advisor 's Name / Email of advisor
Committee Member's Name./Email of Committee Members.

Please note the followings requirements:
(1)At least one of the "Thesis Advisor".
(2)Thesis Advisor's e-mail address cannot be blank or "none".
(3)Advisor and defense committee have at least 2 members.

Step2 》 Upload Fulltext File

Please convert the whole Thesis/Dissertation document into one PDF file. Choose your file from your computer.Please don't secure your PDF file with password or insert watermark before you upload .After submitting your thesis, ETD system will insert watermark and set security automatically.

※Please confirm your upload is the final version of your thesis. The library's review process only involves checking the format, you have the full responsibility to upload only your final thesis.

Step3 》 Make Authorization ※Please reach a consensus with your advisor(s) before you make the choice.

Make Authorization Description
Choose Thesis copyright owner(s)

Copyright ownership means that owner(s) have the exclusive right to print, distribute, and prepare derivative works.

⊙Both Author and Thesis Advisor are copyright owners.

⊙Author is the only copyright owner :If you chose this item, system will email to your advisor(s) for confirmation. After receiving reply email, the librarian will review e-thesis.
Note: After E-thesis pass review and get the Authorization Form. Copyright owner(s) require signature or stamp on Authorization Form.

Permission Settings for
Your Electronic Thesis

Permission Settings for On/Off-campus Access
1. On-campus Access & Fulltext Open After ˍˍyear(s).
2. Public Access & Fulltext Open After ˍˍ year(s).
Permission Settings for National Library's NDLTD System
National Central Library Access & Fulltext Open After ˍˍ year(s).

*0 year means making it available for public access immediately. 99 years means Never.
Delayed Release Years for on-campus access cannot exceed 5 years.

Step4 》 Submit & librarian review

If you checked all the information is done and correct, you may choose "Submit my thesis for review". If your record is not completed yet; please choose "Please save my record."。

After Submit my thesis for review, the library will take 1-3 working days to complete the review, and if content format is correct, the system will automatically send an e-mail notification to you.

*If your thesis/dissertation does not pass the review, the system will send an" e-thesis check notice" email. Please Delete File & Upload a Correct one.

Step5 》 Print Internet Authorization Form

*If your thesis/dissertation pass the review, the system will send an "The notification of approved Thesis/dissertation" email.

Please log in to the eThesys system, print and sign the e-Thesis Authorization Form (NTUST & NCL 2 Form). Please Print the Authorization From in Vertical Format.

※In school leaving processes, please bring the 《School leaving processes From (Download from Student System)》 and following
(1) The signed e-Thesis Authorization Form (NTUST & NCL). (Do not attach into PDF or Hardcopy.)
(2) One printed copy thesis/ dissertation.
【Master】:Paperback (Hardcover acceptable), cover color : Department Rules.
【PHD】: Hardcover, cover color : Red.
A paperback, also known as a softcover or softback, is a type of book characterized by a thick paper or paperboard cover.

※Special Reminder (Patent Application)
If the thesis contains material which form the basis for patent applications, the publication and the defence may be postponed for another month.

(1)Concerning the delayed making public of an electronic thesis/dissertation:
In ETD system : File Upload Step3 》 Make Authorization ~Permission Settings for Your Electronic Thesis

(2)Concerning the delayed making public the paper copy of thesis/dissertation:
Please fill out "Application for delayed public release of thesis/dissertation" notarized by several Developments. Get your form stamped & inserted into a paper copy of thesis on the FIRST page.


If you have questions, please contact Reference Desk.
Working time: 8:30-12:00、13:30-17:00 Mon.-Fri.