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Concepts to Structural Evolution of Soft Matter                                                  Small Angle Light Scattering Analysis on Soft Matter

Concept on Structural Evolution of Soft matter                            SALS

Recent Research Topics

1. Spatiotemporal Evolution in Morphogenesis of Physical Gels.

       Gel structure                 Morphology transition

 2. Morphological Transition of Polymer and Blend Spherulites.

    Spherulite 1         Spherulite 2

3. Aggregation Behavior and Gelation of Protein Solutions.

     Protein 1  Protein 2      Protein 3 Protein 4 

 Protein 4 
      Protein 4  Protein Aggregation with Time Evolution

4. Structural Coloration in Polymer Gels.        5. Supramolecular Structure of Copolymer and Liquid Crystal Blend.

    Gel color                           Coplymer

6. Phase Separation of Polymer Blends

     Phase Separation                    Phase Separation2     

7. Supramolecular Hydrogels for Biomedical Application


8. Nanomaterials from Cyclodextrin Based Inclusion Complex Systems

Inclusion complex                           copolymer for drug

9. Optical Instrument Designing for Materials Analysis


        Cloud Point